Meet Our Team


Mark Stedman

Vice President of Information Technology

Mark has served in Christian tech for over twenty years. He has a variety of interests outside work including motorcycles, bicycles, orchids, and ceramics. Most important though, is Jesus, and his wife and five children.


Glenn Oliver

Project Manager and Internship Director

More Cézanne than Picasso in life, but that probably comes down to the beard. Frequently responds to "Batman" more than his own name in a given day.


Craig Oliver

Director of Application Development

Cut his teeth on a Commodore 64, and has been slinging code ever since.  Loves music, games, and cubing it up.


Joe Sarabia

Language Software Team Lead

With a passion for all things Computer Science, Joe's latest interest is in optimizing Android apps to perform efficiently on toasters.


Tom Pfadenhauer

Sr. Business Systems Developer

Best known as Dr. SQL, Tom is the guardian of WA’s most important asset: data! He also knows the value of Business Intelligence and likes to cube it up!


Reuben Swartz

Business Systems Developer

With a quick laugh and an infectious smile, Reuben's personal mission is to convince all developers to prefer Microsoft products.


Dan Paris

DevOps Engineer

Originally from the Atlanta metro area, Dan brings more than 10 years of systems engineering and support to his role.


Matt Gerber

Director of Infrastructure

Matt joined WA after working at SpaceX for a couple of years. He brings over fifteen years of system engineering experience along with a passion for the Bible and good coffee.


Tony Vinciguerra

IT Support Specialist

A computer and tech support ninja. He serves users across the globe. His stellar support has keep our team up and running across the globe, serving the greater mission.


Thomas Hajny

Product Designer and UI/UX Specialist

Thomas's specialty is User Experience. An alumni of our Summer Internship program, Thomas has designed a variety of websites and application interfaces since joining our team.

"The one thing that I know is that you win with good people."

— Don Shula