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Thanks for your interest - we are really excited to get to know you and we will be reaching out to you in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out some of our team's projects.

A powerful, modular tool to help oral translators manage their work. This newest addition to our portfolio allows translators to leverage other 3rd party applications, like Audacity or OcenAudio, into their workflow.

Status: In Development

OTTER laptop
tR Android Mockups

BTT Recorder

One of our first projects, BTT Recorder is designed to enable our illiterate Mother Tongue Translators to record and translate the Bible.

The app has been optimized to run on low-end Android tablets and has been largely successful in the field.

Status: In Use!

BTT Exchanger

An online platform that enables translators to share and collaborate on projects. It is lightweight enough to run on a Nook and robust enough to handle many users.

Status: In Development


Learn More

Here are some helpful links if you'd like to learn more about us and the other programs we support.

https://BibleInEveryLanguage.org/ translations that we are involved in and information about our process

https://BibleTranslationTools.org is an online repository for open-licensed translation software. Contributors from all over the world have built software and systems to enable the Global Church to translate scripture for itself.

https://wycliffeassociates.org/ our organization's main website.