Dear friends, this isn't an official survey, conducted on behalf of the executive team. This is just Mark, hoping to understand your thoughts on chapel. It's intentionally anonymous, although I invite you to initiate conversation with me directly, if you're interested in further discussion.

I'm thinking about our team's culture and the impact of remote work. I'm actively praying and wondering about this for the entire Wycliffe Associates team, though I only have authority for this team. How can we proactively build strong, cohesive culture? We can't escape remote work -- half of the Information Technology team doesn't live in Central Florida. Far more than half of Wycliffe Associates' team doesn't in Central Florida, either. (This isn't a gambit to justify bringing the Info Tech team back into the office every day.)

Please be honest. The feedback will be shared with Glenn, Craig, Matt, and Marv. I'm not sure that it will go beyond that, and if it does, it would only be at the general level, with a hope to create more engagement for the broader Wycliffe Associates team.

Thanks in advance,

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2022 Chapel Survey