Job Opening

Senior Software Developer

Added: April 1, 2021
Department: Information Technology
Location: Orlando, FL
Report to: Application Development Director
Peers: Application Developers
Exemption Status: Exempt
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Who you are

First, you're a committed Christian who wants to use your technical skills to serve the Lord. You're also a seasoned software engineer, with skills sharpened by many years of experience.  You'd like to bring your expertise and knowledge to a team of professionals working in ministry to bring the Bible to every nation, people, and language.  You're conversant in a lot of software languages, methodologies, and design patterns, and you're always willing to learn how to use the right tool for the job. You can not only implement complex solutions independently, but also lead a team of developers to complete projects on time and within budget.  You have a heart for mentorship and love helping your teammates grow in their career and faith.  You have a long history of successfully completed projects, and can articulate the lessons learned in making them successful.

Who we are

Our team is a group of Software Developers, Dev Ops engineers, Infrastructure Techs, and Support People, working at an aggressively growing non-profit that is helping to make the Bible available to everyone, everywhere. God has blessed us with the resources to pay for high performance team-members. You can learn more about our organization at This is the kind of place that rewards intensity, ambition, drive, and creativity.

Wycliffe Associates is a Christian ministry, and our mission of Bible translation is a special calling. Wycliffe Associates trains Christians all over the world to become Bible translators and we seek to safeguard the integrity of the Scriptures through that process. While specific skills and experience are a major part of this role, what is most important to Wycliffe Associates, and to the Lord, is a person's heart. The person who fills this role should have a special calling from the Lord for ministry. In this role you will be considered a minister of the gospel. For such a high calling, our lives and values should reflect that pure and holy calling. As we are told in 1 Peter 1: 15-16, But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do, for it is written: Be holy, because I am holy.

The job you'll do

You'll be bringing your considerable experience to bear on difficult problems in software design and Bible translation.  You'll be asked to take on difficult challenges and work independently to carry them through design, implementation, deployment and support.  You'll acquire new skills to meet the specific needs of each project.  You'll befriend and mentor your teammates and help them grow in their career and faith.  The work you do will help bring God's word to every nation, people, and language.

What we'll do for you

We’ll give you a place where you can use your skills to invest in your team, improve yourself, and serve the global church in a meaningful way.

  • Paid education and training
  • Paid certification attempts (pass or fail)
  • Two weeks paid vacation to start, plus paid holidays
  • Health Insurance for you and your family
  • 1 Paid conference per year

The Details

Position Summary: The ideal candidate wants to work in a fast-paced, results oriented organization, where focus on providing solid solutions is a must. Responsible for the full software development lifecycle within a team context. Candidate will be responsible for gathering requirements from customers, analyzing customer needs, developing solutions, regular communication and demonstrations to the customer, and ongoing maintenance as needed. Position is primarily focused on external field translation tools and systems.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Work with users to identify, understand, and document their needs, including incorporating feedback. Leverage experience to develop software designs to effectively meet our users’ needs.
  2. Work independently to design software solutions to advance Bible Translation, receiving input from the Director and other team members.
  3. As a senior developer, work with a team to implement designs, and produce working software that meets our users’ needs. This role is expected to participate in peer review, planning sessions, and other meetings in addition to its development duties.
  4. Leverage experience and develop relationships to assist and mentor team members.
  5. Contribute creativity and energy to the task of accelerating Bible Translation.

Education, prior work experience, and/or specialized skills and knowledge:

  1. Strong brainstorming and creativity. Quickly understand new challenges and respond
    with possibilities and enthusiasm.
  2. Strong software development and design skills across a variety of languages and platforms. Understand and communicate high-level systems design as well as drilling down to implementation details.
  3. Proven experience developing applications for modern platforms, as well as designing complex systems that integrate with other applications or systems. Able to recognize and demonstrate industry-recognized design patterns. Experience with test-driven development a plus but not required.
  4. Demonstrated capacity to understand and gather requirements from users and stakeholders, then develop, communicate, and implement a software design that meets those requirements.
  5. Experience with Java and Android development, especially in Kotlin, a plus but not required. Experience with C# and Python development a plus but not required. Experience with modern web development approaches a plus but not required.
  6. Experience with linguistics, Bible translation, or other relevant subject areas a plus but not required.
  7. Master’s degree in computer science or related degree preferred.
  8. Occasional over-night domestic and international travel required (up to 10%)

Personal Qualifications

Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a life in full alignment with our Core Beliefs.

Should sense a call from God to ministry and have a genuine caring for people.

Should have personal warmth that invites confidence and possess a personal integrity that never forfeits the trust that is offered.

Ability to be at ease with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Demonstration of the attitudes of a servant leader.

Ability to delegate work to others.

Ability to facilitate and coordinate the work of others.

Highly self-motivated and directed.

Keen attention to detail.

Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form.

Ability to work effectively with a virtual team.

Has reliable transportation and can keep commitments.

Ability and desire to learn new technologies, improve skills, and adapt to change.

Wycliffe Associates makes employment decisions in accordance with applicable federal and state employment laws and regulations. As a religious organization, we are entitled to make employment decisions on the basis of religious beliefs and practices of the applicant or employee.