Hackathon 2022 Drive Shack Outing

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, you're cordially invited to join your peers for good times, golf clubs, food, and frivolity. After we complete our hackathon efforts for the day, we'll travel to Drive Shack for two hours of good times. Drive Shack is an entertainment venue that's centered around hitting golf balls.

But what if I don't like golf? Good news! Drive Shack is to Golf as Ham is to Hamster. They're only related insofar as they're both made of meat, but beyond that, they're not really the same. You can (but are not required to) swing golf clubs as hard as you want, with no worries about aggravating other golfers, or wearing funny pants. Or you can just eat some dinner and make fun of your co-workers.


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