Hootenanny 2020

A party, most generally one that is, well, chock full of hoot, with just a little bit of nanny. A celebratory event held in the southern United States and possibly featuring some of the following: home-brewed hooch, straw hat, people 'dipping' socially, banjo, air boat, shotgun, confederate flag. It tends to be wild, uninhibited and dionysian despite the socially conservative views of most of its participants.

September 24, 2020


What Is It?

Once a year we abandon our regular work and have outdoor fun. Previous years have included water skiing, jet skiing, outdoor grilling, catered food, ATV riding, and general hilarity.

Where is it?

The Econlockhatchee River

Flowing past unmarred forests, including the Little Big Econ State Forest, paddlers can see a diverse array of wildlife, including sandhill cranes, bald eagles, ospreys, hawks, wading birds, wood storks, roseate spoonbills, waterfowl, shorebirds, deer, turkey and sometimes black bear. The Muscogee name for the river means “River of Many Mounds,” named for the multitude of Indian mounds found along this waterway. The second largest tributary of the storied St. Johns River, this delightful black water stream is narrow in places and canopied by cypress and Sabal palm.

How can I see more info?


You can visit the website of the outfitter that will be renting us the kayaks and canoes, along with shuttling us from the drop off to the pickup point.

We are taking "Trip #1" which is 8.5 miles, downstream the whole way. Predicted to be about 4 hours of paddling. We'll stop off along the way to eat lunch and have some fun. We should be off the river by 4:00 PM at the latest.


The Paddling Experience

The designated 19 miles of the Econlockhatchee River is suitable for beginning to intermediate paddlers, depending on water levels. It is not advisable to put-in at SR 50 as downed trees may be heavy and numerous portages are required, especially if water is low. Check with outfitters for updated water levels and accessibility of the river between SR 50 and CR 419. Check USGS gauge for water levels; river is at flood stage if gage is over 18 feet. There may be downed trees in upper section if below 11 feet. When entering the St. John’s River, stay on the left side of the wide channel and paddle towards the left side of the bridge for takeout.

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2020 Hootenanny RSVP

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