Hootenanny 2020

A party, most generally one that is, well, chock full of hoot, with just a little bit of nanny. A celebratory event held in the southern United States and possibly featuring some of the following: home-brewed hooch, straw hat, people 'dipping' socially, banjo, air boat, shotgun, confederate flag. It tends to be wild, uninhibited and dionysian despite the socially conservative views of most of its participants.

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2019 Hootenanny RSVP

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  • Leaving this blank leaves you open to being voluntold. If you're from out of town you're probably safe.

Voted 12 to 7, the Winner Is...

Steak on the Lake

A short drive to Castaways on the River in Astor, FL. A flotilla of pontoon boats. A cooler of steaks, sausages, and other assorted foods and beverages. The chance to swim in Silver Glen Springs on a sunny day. A return to the location of the very first Hootenanny. This adventure promises to be less posh and more authentic, while promising the opportunity to get wet.

September 26, 2019